Summertime Goals: Updated

After school finished, I posted two lists of goals and tasks for the summer, here and here. ¬†At the time it seemed like May would never end and summer would last forever. Now, suddenly, I find it's almost June. I had what seemed to be a stress dream the other night about not being ready for the baby. So I thought I'd go over the lists again and note my progress and maybe reprioritize.Outdoors:-Pick up sticks from front yard. This could be an eternal, ongoing task, but I did do it.-Remove front … [Read more...]

Meet Stella

On Saturday, we welcomed a new addition to our family: Estelle, or more commonly "Stella." She's a lot smaller than we expected, weighing in at around 100 pounds. We think she could probably stand to gain another 20 or so.She's a 5 year old English Mastiff, who had been discarded by a breeder once she got too old. She does not currently have any terminal illnesses, unlike her predecessor (Yes! Heartworm free!).She's very sweet, but somewhat skittish still. She's terrified of bikes; when they … [Read more...]

Summertime: Goals, Part 2

A room-by-room list of tasks. I, of course, don't expect them all to get done, but I like to make lists. Living Room: -Paint ceiling. -Vacuum snuggler and couch. -Dust bookshelves. -Dust baseboards. -Dust frames. -Dust media stand. -Wash windows and door. -Wash curtains. -Reorganize and declutter bookshelves. -Sweep. -Mop. Dining Room: -Dust frames. -Dust baseboards. -Rehang picture. -Clean out itso. -Wash windows. -Dust itso and … [Read more...]

Summertime: Goals, Part 1

I know summer will feel like it just flew by when it's over, and I will wonder, "What did I do all summer?" I made lists in my favorite notebook of the goals I have for each room of the house and in a couple of other categories as well.Law School:-Work for Davis.-Work for bankruptcy judge.-Send out applications to bankruptcy judges in Dallas.-Attend Law Review meetings and work on that as needed.Pregnancy:-Exercise every day-either yoga or at least 30 minutes walking.-Practice Hypnobabies every … [Read more...]

Two Years Down, One to Go

As of Wednesday evening, I'd completed my second year of law school! Whew. And hooray!It's felt so good to be done and stop thinking about school for a moment. I've been enjoying focusing more on home projects and of course, the big pregnancy project.This summer, I'll be working up to 20 hours a week total for two different jobs. I'm continuing to clerk for the bankruptcy judge I worked with this semester. I will also volunteering as a law clerk with a solo practitioner doing business law. So … [Read more...]