This Weekend (in pictures)

Phil found this beautiful flower randomly growing in our backyard. Any ideas what it's called? A friend introduced us to our latest iPhone game craze: Stunt Biker. Phil discovered that our stick biker friend had a pumpkin head in honor of fall. On Saturday, Phil and Jaye went to the library while I did some errands alone. I love doing errands alone. Saturday night, we celebrated Chris' 30th birthday with our friends Chris and Laura. We ate frozen pizza, red velvet cake, and ice cream. … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Audiobooks and Deep Sea Divers

As Phil and I were getting packed up to drive to the beach at Port Aransas about a month ago, we decided to download an audiobook for the drive. We picked out Shadow Divers. I don't remember why. But it was excellent. We enjoyed listening to it in the car and even just lounging on the porch at the beach house. By the time we finished the book, we felt like we were old friends with Richie Kohler and John Chatterton. Yesterday, we started this second book about our old pals Richie and … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Lemonade Obsession

Ever since my mom visited to watch Jaye for a week in January, our fridge has looked something like this:We've become somewhat obsessed with Simply Lemonade. Phil loves to drink it straight. I add it to sparkling water in a 3:1 ratio. We've tried the raspberry version and the limeade, but neither are as good as just lemonade.  … [Read more...]

Weekend Tidbit

We've had a nice chill weekend. Jaye has been sleeping extra since she had her immunizations on Friday. Phil and I have been taking turns playing a lot of Skyrim. I finished a Christmas garland (pics coming soon) and Phil and I had a night out at the annual Thanksmas party. We are anxiously watching the Vikings game now and may venture out to the grocery store later. … [Read more...]

Tidbit: Target Loves Me

Two things I bought at Target yesterday that make me very happy. I love clementines! But I only buy them when they're on sale. And really on sale. You can't trick me by putting a SALE sign above the same ol' 7 dollar price tag--which Target has tried to do. But this week the deal was for real.This awesome new purse! I love orange and pink together, and I lovethe plaid pattern too. And I loved the $10 price tag! … [Read more...]