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This Weekend (in pictures)

Phil found this beautiful flower randomly growing in our backyard. Any ideas what it’s called? A friend introduced us to our latest iPhone game craze: Stunt Biker. Phil discovered that our stick biker friend had a pumpkin

Tidbit: Lemonade Obsession

Ever since my mom visited to watch Jaye for a week in January, our fridge has looked something like this: We’ve become somewhat obsessed with Simply Lemonade. Phil loves to drink it straight. I add it to

Weekend Tidbit

We’ve had a nice chill weekend. Jaye has been sleeping extra since she had her immunizations on Friday. Phil and I have been taking turns playing a lot of Skyrim. I finished a Christmas garland (pics coming

Tidbit: Target Loves Me

Two things I bought at Target yesterday that make me very happy. I love clementines! But I only buy them when they’re on sale. And really on sale. You can’t trick me by putting a SALE sign