The Great Adventure

Awhile ago–I can’t remember exactly when, but I was in law school so it wasn’t more than three years ago–Phil and I talked about . . . settling down, I guess you could call it. When we got married, we knew we’d have kids someday. And when we bought this current house, we planned to stay here for 5 to 7 years, through the first kid (and maybe second).

But in this settling down conversation, we thought more specifically about what we wanted that settled down life to look like. And realized that family and community were the most important things that came to mind. Now, we have good friends here in Minnesota, and were loving the little community we were starting to build here. But that wasn’t exactly what we envisioned for our children growing up. We wanted grandparents cheering at their school plays or sports events, aunts and uncles to tell their secrets too, cousins to romp around with. Plus, I still have three younger brothers and sisters living at home, one in middle school and two just starting high school this fall. We wanted to be more involved in their lives and to have them involved in ours as well.

So we decided to move to Dallas, TX.

It hasn’t been the most popular decision. Well, obviously, it was greeted with much rejoicing by my parents and family. But other friends and even acquaintances have had a different reaction–an odd and sad reaction, in my opinion. The generally opinion seems to be that it is totally acceptable and understandable to move across the country to pursue a career or to attend school. But to move just to be near family? Weird. Stupid. Incomprehensible. 
Why should it only be acceptable for me to pack up my entire family and life and relocate across the country for a job? For some company that pays me money for as long as I’m useful to them? But moving to be near family warrants strange looks and negative comments. To be honest, that reaction has been kind of hurtful. 
But let the haters hate, we’ll be in Dallas in two weeks!


  1. We can’t wait!!!!

  2. Not everyone is as thoughtful or has the maturity and depth of character that you and Phil do. So proud of you.

  3. Right on sister.