The Hardest Fortnight

Since I last posted Phil and I have trekked through one of the hardest fortnights of our marriage. On June 21st, we finally closed on our new house. The few days leading up to closing were incredibly stressful wondering (and fighting with the lender!) if closing was even going to happen and if it would happen in time. If we hadn’t been able to close on Friday, we would have been stuck without a house at all for a few days. There was a lot of crap with Wells Fargo (our lender) at the end. The Wells Fargo Home Mortgage customer service was worse than non-existent; it was downright rude.

Red Brick House

But we did finally close. Which means that this guy is now ours. Laura arrived on Sunday to help me with the move and mostly, with getting this guy ready for us to start calling it home. The previous homeowners had a 2-day leaseback, so we spent the weekend alternately packing up our rent house and driving the 2.5 miles to the new house to see if they looked like they would be out early at all. Of course, the previous homeowners weren’t really winning at life (thus, their need to sell their cruddy house to us for cheap), so they were not out early. But as soon as Jaye headed off to Mother’s Day Out on Monday morning, Laura and I were off!


And we just kept going and going and going. We worked on the house until 2:54am on Tuesday morning. And took a picture to prove it even. We cleaned. We painted. We cleaned some more. We bought supplies. We installed tile. We painted some more. We painted trim. We took a dinner break to watch the Bachelorette. We grouted tile. We painted even more. And then we fell asleep and woke up early the next day for the movers to arrive.

Moving day was chaotic. The one bright spot was that the movers were super attractive. 🙂  We eventually got everything moved over, but nothing ended up in the right spot. And then we had to clean the rent house. Oh man. I’m tired just typing this. And that was the good part of the week.

Jaye came down with a fever on Monday afternoon. Phil took her to the pediatrician on Tuesday who said she had Hand, Foot, and Mouth, which is a freaky sounding disease, but not as bad as it sounds. Then I got sick too. FYI: It’s really hard to scrub and paint and move boxes when you are running a fever, have a sore throat and ache all over! The upside to the fever was that I was so cold driving back to my parents I didn’t even turn the AC on the entire way, and I felt awesome in that hot, hot car.

But we just kept truckin’ and finally felt good enough about the house to stay the night here on Saturday night. One of the biggest things we had to do before moving in was get a new electrical box installed because our little house was a fire hazard (in many ways – there were also NO working smoke detectors in the house and all the doors to the outside require a key to open from the inside, too).  Even though there is still a TON left to do, we are super happy to be here in our new house. And to have survived that terrible, horrible, no good, very bad fortnight.

Moving sucks. What have you been doing that is more fun? Or do you have a tale of a cruddy week to get out of your system, too?



  1. Laura L. says:

    oh man, i’m tired just thinking about it.

  2. You are Wonder Woman!!!! I’m glad to hear you are into your new house and I hope you’re all feeling better too. Send me your new address so I can keep in contact via snail mail too. Oh, and in case you haven’t seen my announcement post …… I am pregnant. OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s quite the funny story how we found out (well, not at the time) and it was a BIG SURPRISE, but we’re super excited. Big hugs! Miss you!