Three Pretty Good Things: Thursday

20130214-161700.jpg 1. Happy Valentine’s Day! I found this beautiful bouquet on the kitchen table when I came home from studying today. Only one lily is blooming right now and the kitchen already smells fabulous. Phil got the lilies because I’d mentioned in Sunday how good they smelled in church.

20130214-165722.jpg 2. The lucky Bar Exam pencil has come full circle. I first included a pack of these pencils in Laura’s Bar Exam Survival Kit. Maureen was the next of our triumvirate to take the Bar so Laura passed them on to her. Now it’s finally my turn for the Bar Exam and the pencil arrived in the mail for me today along with an encouraging note from Maureen.

20130214-170342.jpg 3. I was super excited to see my Stitch Fix package waiting inside the door this afternoon! If you guys haven’t heard of Stitch Fix, you have to check it out. I plan to do a full post about it, but basically, it’s an online clothes shopping/styling service. I gave them all this information about my style, size, price range, clothes I like. Then they ship a box with 5 fun clothes items to try. You try them on, keep what you want, and mail the rest back.

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